Struggling to set profitable prices and pay yourself a decent salary?

Let's turn that around!

I am Aníka Rós, a service and operation consultant

I help women grow their businesses and earn what they deserve by optimizing services for maximum profits and fair compensation.

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Aníka Rós


I give Aníka Rós my highest and best recommendation. My working hours vary between days and Anika Rós adapted our meeting time to my work schedule, not hers. I appreciate it. All the advice is very helpful, some of the advice I've received I didn't even think about. Simple but at the same time very valuable. In reality, I didn't have to create an excel document myself, they were sent to me via email and are very simple and easy to fill out. And what I really appreciate is that it was always possible to contact her between our meetings. Service 100%

Sólveig Jan
Höfðabóns þjónusta ehf -

I had business consulting with Aníka Rós for 6 weeks and it was very helpful. She got me off to a good start and gave me wholehearted advice, pushing me out of my comfort zone and giving me assignments for each class. I recommend to all those who are starting a business or are in business to get advice from Aníka Rós.

Gauja Hálfdánardóttir and

Aníka Rós gave us a really good reflection on what we can improve in our work. She’s encouraging, positive and brilliant in what she does. The projects she assigned to us were highly beneficial and came in good use. In the short amount of time of her counseling we managed to change our workflow and time management which instantly augmented productivity within the team.

Elín Arnar, Auður Elísabet and Inga Margrét
Birta Media -


Service and Operation Consultant

My program is a 6 months 1:1 service and operation consulting, where we meet online every other week. I will work with you on focusing on these three pillars: your current mindset, where you are now and on what your vision is.

* Your Current Mindset: How you as a business owner have been moving your company forward. How your own mindset has affected your business both in a positive and not so positive way.
* Where are you now:  The real truth about your service offer and your finances.
* What your vision is: Here we dig deep and find your true vision for both your company and your family life. 

As your service and operation consultant, together we'll revamp your processes and set clear milestones to drive your business towards success. By prioritizing these strategies, we lay the foundation for sustainable growth and lasting achievements.
Let's collaborate to unlock your business's full potential and achieve remarkable growth as you envision it.

Book an introductory meeting with me for 30 min and see if I am the right consultant for you. It is free!

Are you ready for the new you

I know it can be difficult to run your own business but it should't need to be!

Get help from me to improve your service offer and grow your business. We all should ask for help from the start. Not only when everything is going wrong and you feel like you are about to loose our mind running one´s own business!

Empowering Service Excellence: Thriving Amidst Challenges with Proactive Solutions

When it comes to delivering the services that companies promise, it all boils down to the interactions between employees and customers. These interactions are where the magic happens – ideally resulting in everyone being happy with the company's offerings.


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